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Since its foundation in 1990, DARX Consulting Pty Ltd has been dedicated to providing quality computer systems consultancy for corporate, government, educational and private clients.

DARX specialises in systems analysis, systems integration and network analysis to suit any organisation's requirements, as well as systems and network troubleshooting. DARX also offers services such as custom software development (for example, CranePlanner), systems and network design, professional development and training.

Additionally, DARX specialises in the design and implementation of Virtual Education, including the integration of IT solutions within traditional school curriculum. DARX established and successfully operated the first entirely online education programme of its kind in the world - The Virtual School for the Gifted. The VSG ran from 1997 through 2006. DARX now assists schools develop and implement their own Virtual Education programmes.

DARX Consulting provides you with experts for all UNIX-based and Microsoft-based computer system needs, as well as network devices, both across Australia and Overseas. You can contact DARX via email, phone +61 3 8371 7444 or fax +61 3 8371 7445.


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